Laravel + Learning Locker || A Laravel Package for Learning Locker.

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A Laravel package for Learning Locker® the most installed Learning Record Store in the world. LaraLocker is a PHP Client for the Learning Locker® API with support for Laravel.

## Installation You can install the package via composer: ```bash composer require ijeffro/laralocker ``` Add the envirnoment variables to laravel's .env ```env LEARNING_LOCKER_URL= LEARNING_LOCKER_KEY=91e2ed0716a19728dc5deff542b7987f59802f56 LEARNING_LOCKER_SECRET=fa2d7e9850f401d6ae98e2805ccb404c6aaa8c45 ``` Run the install command to add the api routes... ```bash php artisan laralocker:install ``` ## Usage You can call Learning Locker® in various different ways Trying using the Learning Locker Facade to access the stores (LRS). ``` php use LearningLocker; ``` Now try Interacting with the Learning locker API. ``` php LearningLocker::stores()->get(); ``` Get Learning Locker stores by store id (_id). ``` php LearningLocker::store($id)->get(); ``` Create a new store in Learning Locker. ``` php LearningLocker::store()->create($data); ``` Update a Learning Locker store by id (_id) ``` php LearningLocker::store($id)->update($data); ``` Delete a Learning Locker store ``` php LearningLocker::store($id)->delete(); ``` ### Wiki Please see [Wiki]( for more information what has changed recently. ### Changelog Please see [CHANGELOG](/laralocker/CHANGELOG.html) for more information what has changed recently. ## Contributing Please see [CONTRIBUTING](/laralocker/ for details. ### Security If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker. ## Credits - [Phil Graham]( - [All Contributors](../../contributors) ## License The MIT License (MIT). Please see [License File](/laralocker/ for more information. [![Latest Version on Packagist](]( [![Build Status](]( [![Quality Score](]( [![Total Downloads](](